The Viroteam would like to welcome students at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador, to Innovirology. 

The Instituto de Microbiología at USFQ is first University outside of Europe to incorporate the Interactive Virology eGuide into their  Virology course syllabus.

Updated Laboratory Protocols and Webinars


Virology: An Interactive Guide 

We are delighted to announce the release of our free interactive guide to Virology. 

Click on the eBook below for immediate access.  


We also offer a wide range of free video lectures on virology, virus-related computer games, webinars on the latest techniques and practices in virology and an archive of podcasts on the latest stories in the world of viruses.

Innovirology is an exciting new Erasmus+ funded project that brings together experts in Virology from across Europe to develop innovative and engaging teaching materials and tools.

Whether you are a teacher, a student or just curious, register now to become an Innovirologist

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