As part of our commitment to providing you with high quality teaching material we provide a series of webinars from guest lecturers and Innovirology members. As a European project we are delighted to share webinars in the languages in which they were delivered. Should any Innovirologists wish the transcript, it can be provided to translate into their languages, we will include subtitles in translated versions and post them here.

Natalia Majo Masferrer - Departamento de Virologia Veterinaria, Universidad de Madrid (ES)

Dr Maite Muniesa - Departamento de Microbiologia, Universidad de Barcelona (ES)

Dr Mercedes Perez Ruiz - Servicio de Microbiologia, Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves, Granada (ES)

The Future of Virology: Virology in the 21st century. Dr. Lynn Enquist,  Princeton University (EN)

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Dr Carlos Briones, Laboratorio de Evolucion Molecular, Centro de Astrobiologia,CSIC_INTA, Madrid, Espana (ES)


Dr Albert Bosch, Universitat de Barcelona (EN)

Dr Javier Buesa Gomez, Universitad de Valencia (ES)

Dr Ricardo Flores, Universitad de Valencia (ES)

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